Saldana In Another Super Bowl Ad

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Zoë Saldana was in two ads shown during last night’s Super Bowl; the Star Trek into Darkness ad, and one for Bud Light.

Saldana paired up with Stevie Wonder in the Bud Light ad, which was set to Wonder’s Superstition.

In the ad, Wonder played a witch doctor, and Saldana was his assistant. Set in New Orleans, the ad begins with two friends who have brought a “lucky chair” belonging to another friend to the witch doctor to have its good luck removed from it.

The witch doctor has no interest in the job, but Saldana says, “I’ll do it.” She removes the luck from the chair.

The next time the owner of the lucky chair sits in it, his team does not fare so well. Cut to a scene of Stevie Wonder laughing, while a football game can be seen mirrored on his glasses.

Source: Eonlinevia The Daily Mail




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  • Horatius

    A fine acting job, because I did not make the connection until reading this.

    Just like I didn’t realize Eomer and McCoy were one and same until reading it a few months after I saw the movie (yes, I’m that much of a low-wattage Trek man). First rate acting to create two entirely seperate personas.