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May 2013 IDW Publishing Trek Comics

Posted by T'Bonz - 15/02/13 at 11:02 am

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Two Star Trek comics will hit stores this May; one featuring the crew from Star Trek into Darkness, and the other featuring Captain Picard and the crew from The Next Generation.

The issues are: Star Trek #21, and Star Trek Classics, Vol. 4: Beginnings.

In Star Trek #21, the action continues right after the events of Star Trek into Darkness, as the crew heads off into new adventures.

Overseen by Roberto Orci, Star Trek #21 was written by Mike Johnson and Ryan Parrot, with art by Erfan Fajar, and a cover by Tim Bradstreet. The issue will be thirty-two pages long and will sell for $3.99.

Next up is Star Trek Classics, Vol. 4: Beginnings. This issue is a reprint of the DC Comics series The Next Generation issues 1-6. In Star Trek Classics, Vol. 4: Beginnings, the earliest voyages of Picard and The Next Generation crew are chronicled. A powerless Q makes an appearance, seeking refuge on the Enterprise; the crew encounters a world where warriors see battle as a child’s game, and another world has “dark secrets that threaten both the ship and crew.”

Written by Mike Carlin, with art by Pablo Marcos, and a cover by Bill Sienkiewicz, Star Trek Classics, Vol. 4: Beginnings will be one-hundred-and-fifty-two pages long and will sell for $19.99.

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  • Stephan Neidenbach

    The cover of Star Trek #21 seems to put to death any rumors of any characters dying.

  • bydefault

    But what is the fate of our favorite redshirt – Ensign Cupcake?

  • Daniel Ireland

    Also suggests the ship doesn’t get destroyed…