Do You Care About Spock?


In a new Funny or Die video clip, random people on the street are asked if they care about Spock.

The answers of most people stopped might surprise Star Trek fans.

Billy Eichner, host of Funny or Die’s Billy on the Street roped in Quinto for a game of “It’s Spock! Do You Care?” in which Quinto and Eichner ran through the streets of Manhattan, with Eichner stopping random people and asking them if they cared about Spock.

Most of those stopped either didn’t know Quinto (or Spock) or didn’t care. One person didn’t believe that it was Quinto. “It’s not Spock,” he said.

Only two people recognized the star. “Oh my God! Hi!” exclaimed one woman. “I’m a big fan,” said another. “I liked him on Heroes too.”

Source: Funny or Die

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  • Seriously… how do these people not even know who Spock is?!

  • Juventas

    Good luck doing that with Leonard.

  • trekfan

    This Spock is fake anyway.

  • Mike

    In the entire history of Star Trek we’ve seen many, many alternate versions of characters… and we’ve never really cared about any of them except Tasha Yar… Why would I start now? At least Mirror Universe Spock could be convinced to fix things that were wrong……….

  • Lore

    It’s not Spock. lol