Abrams: Klingons And Carol Marcus


In an interview with MTV, J.J. Abrams spoke about Klingons in Star Trek into Darkness, and about the role of Carol Marcus in the movie.

Even though long-time fans know all about Klingons,  Abrams explained that those new to the franchise coming to see Star Trek into Darkness didn’t “need to know any preexisting stories to watch this film.”

When it comes to the Klingons, “Their role in this is definitely that of adversary,” said Abrams, “and you’ll see how they play out.”

Abrams then turned to Carol Marcus and the rumors of a “romantic interlude” with James T. Kirk.  “[Kirk] meets her fairly early on,” said Abrams, “and again, she plays a science officer, she’s someone who is part of the adventure…it’s very much an action-adventure movie so once that gets going it’s a difficult thing to park the story and say ‘lets do a romantic interlude.’ But her role is important; she wouldn’t be in the movie otherwise.”

Source: MTV

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  • SJStar

    At least she’s prettie…
    Also the picture of the Klingons look more like monks than the usual badass mothers!

  • SadNerd

    “and again, she plays a science officer”…….I don’t remember Marcus being in Starfleet….

  • Nor do I. But I suppose she always could’ve dropped out later on?

  • JWPlatt

    So… You wouldn’t mind coming up against that group, with her blasters and other sundry weapons, in a dark hallway?

    Klingons with ridges contradicts Star Trek: Enterprise which, ironically, was the only remaining Star Trek canon left intact in Abram’s alternate reality.

  • Rex Hondo

    I don’t think we’ve seen any of them withouth helmets yet. The ridges could always be molded onto the helmet, while they’re actually ridgeless underneath.

  • They could still have ridges without ruining continuity I think. Not all Klingons were affected by the disease that removed their ridges, right? Plus, there were Klingons in the Original series films that had ridges so why not these guys? lol

  • JohnS

    In where no man has gone before… didn’t Gary mitchell say he aimed that “little blond lab technician” at Kirk… and isn’t it fan canon at this point that she was Carol Marcus… and it would make sense she was in Starfleet at some point – otherwise how would Mitchell, Kirk, and her have met anyway…

  • JWPlatt

    Ridges molded into their helmet without any underneath? That would be like a knight wearing a ‘C’ cup breast plate. What’s the point? And a little silly. Maybe in Monty Python… Klingons were confirmed, by Abrams I think, to have ridges this time around anyway.

  • This is kind of spoilerish…I mean right there in the post title…I guess I need to avoid Trek sites if I don’t want info that I would have rather been surprised with when I see the movie. =

  • Mike

    The events of Enterprise all take place after the events of First Contact… Without Picard and crew saving the past, and thus depositing a Borg there, there was no Enterprise… So, yeah, even though Nero’s incursion to the past doesn’t go back that far, we know other things have also changed.

    Even though it’s not accurate within Trek, we should probably just accept that this Abrams’ adventure is really nothing more significant than one of those 10 Voyager episodes about Alternates Realities, and we should care about it as much as, I dunno, hell, as much as we cared about Harry Kim and Chakotay on that one episode where Voyager crashes into the icy planet… Yeah… I know… THAT MUCH… hard to believe for me, too.

  • Kang the Unbalanced

    May I just interject at this point– Fuck Enterprise.
    Despite the noble and valiant attempts of the Reeves-Stevenses which created some outstanding 4th season episodes, entire rest of the goddamned series, from the pilot on, was a total continuity clusterfuck.
    Right, carry on then.

  • Gary

    Why are there spoilers for the new movie in the headline for this article?

  • Kang the Unbalanced

    Interesting retro-mindfuck there. Anything that erases or ignores Enterprise is perfectly fine with me. However…

    It is established that Enterprise takes place in an altered timeline, where the Borg incursion has altered things, apparently drastically. The technology seen in Enterprise is more advanced than it should be given the era.


    The technology in the JJVerse, to with the Kelvin, is also more advanced than it should have been for 2230. Not to mention other differences, such as the stardates. This implies that either the timeline has been screwed with before, which it surely has, or…
    JJTrek takes place in the Enterprise timeline.

    Blech. Please, someone refute this. I beg you.

    As a final note, I most wholeheartedly agree that the JJVerse, while exciting and chock-full of explosions and lens flares, is just another timeline branch. perhaps someday Spock Prime will come to his senses and prune it from the tree…

  • ExSadNerd

    now that is nerdy

  • JohnS

    Yeah… but I’ve got a ten inch wang… and I’m gay… which means I’m a rock star and bang college boys every night… while wearing a Trek uniform… So “nerd” away…

  • Rex_Hondo

    The difference, of course, is that boobs aren’t considered a sign of puissance like a Klingon’s ridges. I was thinking more along the lines of plate armor molded to look like exaggerated musculature, a not uncommon practice.

  • wangleflap

    ah, hello Mr Elton JohnS….. How’s the wig?

  • Hoops

    The idea that Enterprise and JJTrek takes place in an alternate timeline created by the events of First Contact makes no sense. We’ve seen events in the 24th century that clearly take place after First Contact: Insurrection, Nemesis, second half of DS9, etc. If First Contact changed the timeline, how could Picard and co. have returned back home to their original timeline? How could any of these post-First Contact stories have taken place?

    The only possible way out of this plothole is to claim that the original timeline was left intact and was unaffected by the events of First Contact, and it was this timeline that the Enterprise E returned to. But if that’s true, then the entire plot of First Contact makes no sense – if the future being created by the actions of the Borg was an alternate timeline, then nothing that was happening mattered. What was the point of the crew of the Enterprise stopping the Borg to save a future that wasn’t even theirs to begin with? They should have just re-entered the vortex and stayed in the original timeline.

  • K. Harris

    Is it just me or do the helmets remind anyone else of the Predators (those ugly aliens that wore masks in those AvP films/other movies). I hope Abrams doesn’t mess around with Klingons; they’re pretty fascinating as they already are. But, I’m sure he will. To the toilet with anything established…