Trek Parody To Debut This Summer


Where No Man Has Gone Before – the Unauthorized Star Trek Parody Musical will premiere in Washington, D.C. this June.

Written by Clara Hoch and Eva Thorpe, and directed by Hoch, the musical parody is based on the original series episode of the same name.

In Where No Man Has Gone Before – the Unauthorized Star Trek Parody Musical, “all is well on the Enterprise under the hand of James T. Kirk (Gavin Cole) as the ship welcomes its new psychiatrist Dr. Elisabeth Dehner (Elaine Edwards). The cocksure Kirk immediately begins a torrid love affair with Dehner. But not everyone on the Enterprise is so happy, the ship’s librarian Gary Mitchell (Anthony Logan Cole) vows to kill Kirk and steal Dehner’s heart. When things go horribly wrong during a rescue mission and Dehner and Mitchell are blasted with space radiation and get psychic powers. Will they be able retain their humanity? Will Spock be able to overcome his Uncomfortable Bowel Syndrome and find love? Why is Kirk such as dick? All this and more will be answered in Hoch and Thorpe’s Pon Farr Fest of a musical!

Other actors in the production include Brandon Boling as Dr. McCoy, Marcus Schmidt as Mr. Spock, Michael Hawthorne as Scotty, Erich Hoch as Chekov, Emma Grey O’Brien as Nurse Christine Chapel, and Taylor LaCosta as Uhura.

The ensemble also includes Binta Barry, Greg Rosenburg, Zoe Hawryluk, Daniel Kirk Lindgren, Emma Eichenberger, Julianna Gonzalez, Stephanie Rathjen, Katie Eichenberger and Justin Janke.

Source: Press Release

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  • Mike

    Well, that sounds awfully stupid.

  • Christine

    Sounds like a comedy show, doesn’t mean it’s stupid

  • Mike

    Because it’s comedy? No… Because that description reads incredibly stupidly? Indeed.

  • Deutschkuchen

    It’s the exact same plot as one of the original episodes…are you calling the original Trek stupid? If so, you should probably go home, you’re drunk.

  • Mike

    That’s funny… I don’t remember the part of the plot of Where No Man Has Gone Before that included this: “Will Spock be able to overcome his Uncomfortable Bowel Syndrome and find love? Why is Kirk such as dick?”

    And did you even click on the link and see any of it? Atrocious… and stupid… But, obviously that’s my opinion. Why are you trying to force your opinion to be mine? If you think it’ll be funny, enjoy it. I don’t begrudge stupid people their entertainment. Simple minds, simple pleasures. Enjoy finding out why Kirk is such a dick… I don’t much care… about that, or your opinion of my opinion. Shocking, I know.

  • p1n34ppl35

    Well, that’s great if you don’t want to watch it, but that doesn’t mean you have to ruin it for the rest of those who want to see it. I would love to see it, but it’s people like you who make me lose hope in the world. We know what your opinion of it is, but if you went it go see it would it change? you don’t even know what this play has to offer, comedy wise. Simple minds, simple pleasures? You know what’s a simple pleasure? Having sex. But we also need that to survive. If having simple pleasures is wrong then you should not reproduce, so people who don’t enjoy the simple things in life don’t have to.

  • Mike

    Oh, my bad… It’s my opinion, so I’m not allowed to have that. Forgot, sorry.