Star Trek Online: Into Year Four


Star Trek Online is just completing its third year and Executive Producer Daniel Stahl updated fans on the game’s future.

Expect more adventures, new enemies, new events and even more surprises, said Stahl.

“Thanks to your support, the game continues to grow,” said Stahl. “You may have noticed that more than two million Captains are continuing their voyages in Star Trek Online. With sustained increases in daily participation, the game is richer and more alive than ever before. All of the development, advancement, and improvements over the last year are once again thanks to the feedback you provide and the tireless staff that pour their life into this work. What started as a labor of love with improbable deadlines grew into a passion that has yielded remarkable results.”

What can players expect in the fourth year of Star Trek Online? “In the coming months, we will begin to reveal our vision for the future,” said Stahl. “We’ll discuss and preview new adventures, new enemies, new events, and even more surprises that will define the roadmap for the years to come. We’ll answer some long standing questions about how we view existing and future factions in the game, and we’ll give details about how we plan to advance the overall storyline and resolve outstanding issues in the game.”

Starting tomorrow, a new Feature Episode, Temporal Ambassador will be released, where players will encounter Tasha Yar (Denise Crosby). “All players who complete the new episode between Jan 31st and Feb 14th will receive a free Ambassador Class (Fed) or Kamarag Class (KDF) starship as a reward,” said Stahl. “You won’t want to miss out! This is going to be fun.”

More details on the third anniversary celebration can be found here.

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  • Mike

    Never played the game, but I will say that I have noticed that picture of the Vulcan officer as an ad before… it’s… expressive…

  • It’s a pretty fun game. I didn’t think it was worth the monthly fee when it first came out so I unsibscribed and lost interest for a while. Now that it’s free-to-play, I’ve gotten back into it and I’ve noticed a ton of improvements that have made it a much better experience.

  • Guest

    Cleavage: the future of Starfleet

  • Welcome to the 24th-century, when females in Starfleet have obviously evolved way beyond those old sexist miniskirts. 😉