New Original Series Art Print

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A new art print features a ship from the original series’ Space Seed episode.

The ship is the S.S. Botany Bay, the sleeper ship on which Khan and his genetically engineered supermen were found.

The S.S. Botany Bay is the first in a new series of ships by artist Mark Brayer; illustrator, book-cover artist and cartoonist. Chris Wood, Bye Bye Robot co-founder, spoke about the artist and his work. “Working with Mark and the new series of prints is awesome,” he said. “His unique draftsman-type style is perfect for the vintage ships, and the anticipation of the other posters in the new series is palpable.”

The 16″ x 24″ poster is made of high-quality heavy weight 100lb acid-free paper and sells for $25 plus shipping. The poster can be purchased here.

Source: ByeByeRobotvia

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  • Polaris01313-1

    Too bad we don’t have seed ships like these. Carey Wilbur’s original inspiration for ‘Space Seed’ would definitely work in today’s society. The world can solve its criminal and overpopulation problems by permanently exiling criminals from Earth into space, itself(with no chance at all of them ever returning to Earth). Criminals could be given one of two choices:

    1. The death penalty
    2. Permanent exile to a penal colony in space, via the use of ships like the Botany Bay.