Burk: Star Trek Into Darkness To A Darker Place


Bryan Burk, producer of Star Trek into Darkness, explains what fans can expect from the movie.

According to Burk, Star Trek is about humans and their problems and interactions. “What attracted us to Star Trek is that it’s not just about space and aliens and what you might think it is, it’s actually about humans and how they all interact with each other, particularly Gene Roddenberry‘s vision of the future, where all the problems on earth kind of go away and we all come together and all the problems are out there.”

“There was something interesting about that as a jumping off point,” said Burk. “I think what’s interesting about the world and what we’re trying to do with it is just exploring these characters and the journeys they are going on. If the last film was about the crew and family coming together, this film is about them learning who they are and starting to work together. We kind of left the last film with Kirk and Spock not hating each other, but they are by no means best of friends going into this film. So it feels like it’s a good progression in the series. But also people who have not seen the first film can jump right in and not feel like they’ve missed anything. It feels like a good step forward in the world of Star Trek, and a great way to bring in new audiences.”

Star Trek into Darkness will not be a light-hearted film, as some of the characters will be challenged in this sequel. “It goes to a place where it’s a heavier film, a bit like all of our favorite sequels,” said Burk. “Be it The Empire Strikes Back, which is a darker film emotionally than Star Wars. And Godfather 2 is significantly darker. I’m referencing the best movies ever made here, but the idea of making it weightier and heavier – that’s the stuff we love. Our intention going forward was not to make a fluffy sequel. It was to take a real step deeper with these characters.”

One of those characters who will face tough times is Kirk. “The characters – particularly Kirk – are going to a much darker place emotionally,” said Burk. “I feel like the experience the audience has going through it will be a much deeper emotional experience.”

Even though Star Trek into Darkness will not arrive in theaters until May, the creators are already thinking about a third movie. “There are elements of what the second film could be from what we originally talked about, but it’s a big journey from one to three,” said Burk.

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  • “There was something interesting about that as a jumping off point,”

    Ohhh so that’s why there is so much jumping in the trailer. Jumping off cliffs, through windows, on top of Klingons, etc. 😀

    Also, I love that he compared it to Star Wars. Haha!

  • J.J. Abrams



    :Inception horn:

    :lens flare:

  • Mike

    When “dark” was raised, did anyone, at all, ever, once, possibly think they actually meant less illumination in the cinematography? What is this guy talking about? Does he think we’re stupid and that we didn’t get that the “darkness” referred to the tone? That really needs spelled out? WTF has ST come to?

  • Guest

    He didn’t want to leave anyone thinking that there’d be fewer lens flares. The key demographics gobble up lens flares. You see, their bright light indicates a bright future. It’s not that the future is actually brighter with lights, but rather that it’s a future that is bright in all sorts of metaphorical ways, though it does also have both lights and lenses that, in combination, can produce lens flares as well.

  • Kang the Unbalanced

    Best explanation since Holly explained why you can’t see black holes in space.

  • Milojthatch

    I miss Prime Universe Star Trek. *sigh*

  • Markac

    I thought we were supposed to return to “Prime Universe” after a maximum of three of these movies? I certainly hope so anyway…