Star Trek Into Darkness Trailer Debuts! – Updated


Eager fans can finally get a glimpse of Star Trek into Darkness, with the release of the first trailer for the movie, which was released today and is now online.

The trailer can also be seen at the official movie site.

UPDATE: A Japanese trailer, seen below, has an extra scene at the fifty-eight second mark.

Source: Official Star Trek Into Darkness Site

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  • D’Ro


  • D’Ro

    …or was that blonde Dr Dehner; Gary Mitchell!

  • memememe

    In the words of Homer Simpson… ‘Woo-Hoo’!!!! I think the blonde might be Yeoman Rand, but if it is then they got the shirt colour wrong. We will see…

  • krizz

    Is it just me, or is there a significan’t lack of SPACE SHIPS, in this new “STAR” Trek…..

  • I bet this silenced the J.J. Abrams haters. Abrams and co. were not really the problem. Star Trek XI was written during a writers’ strike, and it didn’t have the budget to do everything it wanted, like the warp core. This looks to be a more serious film, maybe a bit like DS9 in tone, rather than the lighter tone of Voyager or Trek XI.

    Also, is it just me, or does it seem like they toned down the ‘hot rod’ aesthetic of the Enterprise?
    And I am loving that Earth architecture is actually futuristic-looking. Long overdue in Star Trek, if you ask me.

  • trekfan

    Revenge theme AGAIN? Are people supposed to buy all this again? Not to mention there’s a lot of overacting again and obligatory over-the-top action, majority of which is probably pointless anyway. All indicators that the filmmakers don’t really have anything substantial to offer (again). Aside from the largely pointless jumping around (action) and hypnotic special effects, I’m sure the movie has not much to offer. Abrams is no doubt relying on Hollywood magic to make his ugly creation look pretty once again. The motto this time is obviously the same as the last time: stun the audience, don’t let them think, make thinking an undesirable endeavor. I guess the terrorism plot is supposed to induce the schocking experience in the viewer, reminiscent of the real one ingrained in the collective consciousness, thereby arousing (massive?) interest. Abrams is one insidious fella. After seeing the trailer these words come to mind: Awful. Uninspiring. Repulsive. It’s NOT Star Trek Vol. 2.

  • Jag2112

    Anyone notice the final scene in the Japanese trailer? Kirk touch a hand through a glass wall? Looks like ST:TWOK all over again…

  • That was exactly my thought, D’Ro. Although the hair style is almost too much like the original!

  • Real-TrekFan

    Dear me, have you got out of the wrong side of bed this morning? And are you really sure that ‘Trekfan’ is an appropriate name for you’? What is most surprising of all is how you can make such a detailed analysis from less than 60 seconds of pieced together footage. Perhaps it would be wiser and fairer to reserve judgement until the actual film has come out? LLAP.

  • Kang the Unbalanced

    I do like the futuristic architecture. Much better than the traditional redressed sewage plants.
    The ship that appears at the :32 mark is not the Enterprise, it is clearly older and single-hulled. I can’t see the Enterprise-in-the-water well enough to say whether it’s toned down or not. Wait a minute– Why is the Enterprise in the water? Don’t they have pressure washers with hoses in the future?
    Hmm. Older ship. Perhaps Cumberbatch is Charlie?

  • Kang the Unbalanced

    Unlikely. Cool idea, but unlikely.

    Charlie? Possible.
    Who should he be? Garth of Izar. Is this likely? No. Those knuckleheads always go for the obvious, the low-hanging fruit.

  • AirElephant

    These comments, and those I’ve seen on other sites, are increasingly leading me to think Cumberbatch is Charlie X. I hope so. I never really liked the acting in the TOS episode, but Cumberbatch could really bring some weight to the role. And the speculation about Rand is outstanding, and totally fits with the trailer, her presence on the bridge, and the fact that the character list on IMDB still doesn’t list Eve’s role.

  • AirElephant

    Argh, dammit. Now i’m adrift. She’s wearing medical blues in the trailer (when she screams) so she’s not bridge crew (gold) or anything else you’d expect. Of course, that doesn’t rule out the notion that Rand might be a medical yeoman instead of bridge crew in Abrams’ universe. As much as we’ve poured over these details, I’d expect Abrams and his team knew EXACTLY what they were doing when they cut this trailer.

  • AirElephant

    Lots of speculation about that, but I’m of the mind that it’s intentionally evocative but is intended as a red herring. When the film is finally shown, I’m betting the context of the shot is entirely different.

  • Tobey

    I think the blonde is “that lab technician [Gary Mitchell] aimed” at Kirk during their academy days!!!!

  • Tobey

    And she was (to my mind) Dr. Carol Marcus!!

  • trekfan

    Those are some observasions based on the trailer, the synopsis and the previous movie. It’s far from a detailed analysis, which, of course, can only come after the movie. Yes, LLAP.

  • ats

    AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks JJA. Both trailers were amazing. I am excited and can’t wait to see the movie. Give yourself five on the back.

  • Carol Marcus and Khan?

  • Polaris01313-1

    “This is how stupid the “Gary Mitchell” stuff is: I can pick out three things from this trailer – the “I have returned for vengeance” line, the “family” remark RE: McGivers, and the shot in the Japanese trailer of Kirk and Spock touching hands and claim that it’s a remake of Wrath Of Khan.
    Which would be unjustifiable bullshit, but then so is the MitchellHead blather.”

    – Dennis Bailey

    If anything is unjustifiable bullshit blather, it is the entire speculation that Benedict Cumberbatch is playing Khan Noonian Singh. Thankfully, Simon Pegg put an end to that rumor.

    I don’t think the whole Gary Mitchell stuff is stupid. If anything, the movie and the newly released trailer leans more toward the Mitchell angle. Especially since Alice Eve’s character does strikingly resemble the Elizabeth Dehner character. Hell, I’ll even admit, I can even buy the speculation that she could be playing Carol Marcus.

    The “I have returned vengeance” line could be in reference to the events in the IDW Star Trek Ongoing Comic(issues one, four, and twelve left clues as to what the next film could be about)concerning Gary Mitchell’s fate on Delta-Vega. Or even the incident on Deneva involving Kirk’s brother Sam. I could even see that angle where Kirk’s brother could very well be the villain and the super-human strength generated by Cumberbatch’s character to be that of the neural parasites infecting him.

    The family line could also be in reference to either the rumored death of Christopher Pike(who has been a father-figure and mentor to Jim Kirk)or once again Sam Kirk, himself(i.e. a reference to Jim’s family and what became of it in the aftermath of Jim’s father’s death).

    The film will lean toward either one of those angles. We’ll just have to wait and see.

    One thing is an absolute certainty. The trailer proved that this film is going to be unlike any Star Trek adventure ever told. It will definitely be more explosive, brutal, and violent than Star Trek II – The Wrath Of Khan some three decades past.

    That and it won’t have the same unjustifiable bullshit blather and petty personal spite that both Starship Farragut and Star Trek Continues has displayed in their boring vignettes as of late.

  • Well, they can’t show everything in a one minute clip, can they? I think they were more focused on the characters in this teaser.

  • I really tried to make out the race of the guy Cumberbatch’s characte smacks with that big metal thing but I still can’t really tell. Klingon? Gorn maybe?

  • Real-TrekFan

    There is another possibility for the blonde girl that I can’t believe no one’s mentioned yet… Nurse Chapel… The blue uniform is the right colour and in some episodes of TOS, Majel Barret did wear her hair in almost exactly the same way as the girl in the trailer.

  • A_James


    – From the music… Is this Star Trek II or Prometheus II here?

    – Also the bad guy flying through the air reminded me of the Superman movies.

    – Did anyone tell Abrams that Star Trek is a space epic not some under sea epic?
    I.e. “Star Trek : 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea” Enterprise (or their lookalikes) were not designed for swimming!

    – The over-the-top size of that gunblade (Blazefire Saber) reminds by of the ye ol’ Final Fantasy games, including aspects of the fashionista-like, Lightning,

    – The bad guy is clearly a NORA “No Obligation, Rules or Authority”; and a usual standard Hollywood stereotype.

    I also find it obvious that the bad guy is taking ultimate revenge on the Federation somehow from the vacuum left by the destruction of Vulcan.

    Looks much fun. Can’t wait to see it.

  • TB2

    I also think the Gary Mitchell angle for Mr Cumberbatch’s role is the most plausible. The character has control of a ship, appears to be someone is Starfleet, and with the number of crew Kirk (in the prime universe) was unable to save or protect, it is completely feasible at least one in the offshoot / alternate / Abramsverse could hold a grudge.

    Blonde sciences woman? – Nurse chapel or more likely, Elisabeth Denher. The actress looks like a younger version of Sally Kellerman who played the character in “Where No Man Has Gone Before.” Appearancewise, she balances Ms Saldana’s modern take on Uhura.

    The silhouette of the ship crashing in the water made me think of the E-E from the Prime Universe! Flashy visuals, crew getting blasted into space, Earth attacked again. (Shrugs).

    Overall I can’t say I’m that bothered by this to tell the truth. Its not my Trek. I think I’ll pass.

  • AirElephant

    One side note that I’d have to say goes against — but doesn’t prevent — the Gary Mitchell theory: He doesn’t gain his super powers until they encounter the Great Barrier when Kirk is an adult. It seems that the character in this film, seeking revenge, has a pretty deep back story and at least some history of hostility towards either Kirk or the Federation (my guess is the latter). However, a character like Charlie X has a backstory that precedes Kirk’s five-year expedition and, though Charlie would have been far too young when Kirk was a cadet to be portrayed by Cumberbatch. All in all, a very confusing scenario considering that JJ’s alternate timeline only jumps off from the point of Kirk’s birth.

  • worldwideshorts

    We can only guess what is happening from this trailer but the 2D visual effects on my computer screen are mind boggling. Anything less than perfect would be considered a failure on JJAbram’s part but it looks like it will deliver on effects. One of the criticisms of the TV series was that very little attention was place on what Earth would look like 200 years from now. Alien environments were campy and they evolved to matte painting in the later series. This stuff looks bold and sharp.

  • me

    Cumberbatch seems to be doing a Picd impression…

  • worldwideshorts

    Here’s my additive theory: It is Mitchell and NOT Khan and Charlie X simply because that is what we have been told. The writers said Mitchell was one of the 5 possibilities two years ago when they were drafting and Urban said it was on the whim.

    The disadvantage of the trailer is that the images and scenes, you really don’t know their actual order. But the original Mitchell storyline has to have some formula. It appears that Klingons are in the story (see the scenes with the yellow circular wall) as many suggest and they are just pawns in this storyline as it was originally intended in the last movie. What was intended for the last movie just gets reinserted for the purposes of this new movie.

    Step 1: Mitchell is a popular crew member and liked by Kirk and then he is infected by the power somehow. How he gets the power could be very different than the original series but it doesn’t matter.

    Step 2: Spock tells Kirk in his own way, this is F-ed up. Mitchell is a problem, etc. he is showing anti-social behavior. he is shooting bb guns into puppies, but imagine what would happen if at some point he becomes so powerful, we appear to be just puppies to him. You may have to kill him NOW Jim. Jim again tells Spock (like the old version), you have no humanity, he is my friend, get the hell out of here.

    Step 3: The Enterprise encounters the Klingons; Mitchell still semi-part of the crew volunteers to bail the crew out of a really bad situation. Mitchell just saves the day and just crushes the Klingons in the benefit for saving the Enterprise and the crew but he goes just a little too far to show what a bad ass he is.

    Step 4: The twist to this story is that Kirk doesn’t decide to kill Mitchell (the original story he basically listened to Spock and killed him which was almost a little too late) right then and there but just leaves him there of some isolate planet or station or leaves him in the sadistic hands of the Klingons.

    Step 5: Mitchell escapes the planet; perhaps hyjacking a starship and takes his vengance on 23rd century San francisco and kills Kirk’s family in the process. Mitchell leaves Earth and goes somewhere else to exact revenge, perhaps Klingons and so forth.

    Step 6: Mitchell begins evolving into something else and toys with Kirk and eggs him to meet him for his final doom. Kirk with the last starship hunts in down for the final confrontation.

    Step 7: Kirk needs to make a final decision and crew confronts Mitchell and sacrifices need to be made. Mitchell gives Kirk and window of opportunity to end his existence but Kirk must do something he does not want to do.

  • Polaris01313-1

    I almost forgot about Charlie Evans(Charlie X). That is another possible angle, as well.

  • fizzbin

    i’m wondering about a mash-up…..benicio del torro was originally looked at, presumably for the role of khan, and several things from the trailer-as have been pointed out already-certainly smack of TWOK, but then the casting of cumberpatch, urbans slip, the dehner look-a-like, and one-man army talk in the synopsis sounds like mitchell. maybe they were originally planning khan and tweaked the story toward mitchell after casting?

  • Guest

    This makes me embarrassed to be a Trek fan, in that it’s so visibly struggling to look like anything BUT Trek. And enough with every trailer being edited the same way, with every actor looking at the onrushing mystery in reverse angle, with the Inception-horn-like noise, with the wordless scream sound building, and so on. I amost added “pontificating British villain,” because there’s no shortage of those, either.

  • JohnS

    Garth of Izar is certainly more than likely considering what we’ve heard lately. What I’m now curious about is the fact we have seen NOTHING regarding the character Peter Weller plays. Considering the fact he has such a uniquely shaped cranium – would it be out of line to say he may be a Talosian – one of the races the writers hinted they looked at for inclusion… In the Cumberbatch voice-over he even uses the word “illusion.” What would happen if Garth of Izar with his superpowers – or even Gary Mitchell with his God powers – met up with a Talosian and learned their advanced mental techniques? God powers with the most cunning mind one could imagine…

  • I see 1 ship rising from the ocean, and another ship crashing INTO the ocean. That’s atleast 2 ships in less than 60 sec 😛

  • Supposedly, Klingons… they appear to have the “Helmet” like appearance, that they had in the Deleted Scene from Star Trek (2009).

  • Nick

    I feel so sad that this is what Star Trek has become- mindless special effect movies. It’s Star Trek only in name.

  • I see the blonde haired, blue uniform, girl as Nurse Chapel. As for the
    movie, I see hints of Wrath of Khan, especially when the two hands
    touch in/on the glass window, similar to the scene where Spock dies from
    radiation, and Khan coming back for vengeance oh humanity for him being
    exiled into space in the 1990s. He seems like an intellect that could
    shut down all the fleet, making them immobile. For that of Charlie X or
    Gary Mitchell. I just don’t see where people see either Charlie X or
    Gary Mitchell in these trailers?

  • worldwideshorts

    General consensus it is Mitchell but the trailer does not show that he has super powers that are God like. Based on the nature of the destruction we assume it is a god like entity. The one super human clue is when he seemingly is jumping high and far from and toward a Klingon but you might expect Khan to be able to do that.

    The revenge part is still tough to tie in. It makes me wonder if the first vessel submerged and appearing to levitate out of the water might be the SS Botany Bay being aided by a starfleet propulsion unit. A freak accident causes the Botany Bay passengers to die and Khan retaliates.

    The story of Khan relied heavily on his race of people and his superhuman crew. Maybe Khan is alone this time and held bent on revenge to sink the Enterprise just as Kirk allowed his ship to see the same fate.

  • Aveline

    My first problem with this Gary Mitchell guessing that there was a comic with him already with the Abrams crew. So I think it is not likely that they do a comic with it and make the whole movie based on it.

  • These new films are aimed at a larger audience. More Star Trek fans can only be a good thing. Could you find nothing in the trailer that piqued your interest?

  • baylorprince

    Or perhaps Eve is playing the part of nurse Chapel. that would be consistent with the blue sciences uniform adn blonde hair. Rand was a yoeman who dawned a red uniform. However, I don’t think we should dismiss the posibility that it is Rand. That was a good point, I had not considered that she might be Rand.

  • Nick

    If the only way to expand your audience is to gut the series of what made it interesting in the first place.. What’s the point?

  • JohnS

    Star Trek IV The Voyage Home was aimed at a much larger audience – AND DELIVERED Paramount one of that year’s biggest blockbusters… and they did it without destroying anything, lifting a phaser, descending into darkness…

  • JohnS

    Charlie X is NOT a possibility – he was just a 16 year old kid at the time of TOS – when Kirk was 30… And since in nutrek Kirk is in his 20s… this would mean Charlie X would have to be a baby with a growth hormone problem…

  • siskokid888

    He’s Khan.

  • Kang the Unbalanced

    Good post. Good analysis. May I throw out a possibility?

    Garth of Izar.

    He’s former Starfleet, high rank, Commodore or so if I’m not mistaken. Would have the access to “detonate” the fleet. (Are we sure it wasn’t “fellate” the fleet?)

    Has a motive for revenge on a large scale; he went insane, was relieved of command and confined to an asylum.

    Has extraordinary abilities, including increased strength and the ability to change his appearance. The latter could be dropped without damaging the character much.

    Oh, and a tactical genius.

    He’d fit very well, but I suspect he’s too obscure for those knuckleheads. Also, just a gripe, there’d be no personal element for the characters. Garth would want revenge on Starfleet in general; he wouldn’t even know who this pissant “Kirk” fellow is.

  • baylorprince

    Ok, I’m still hazy on who the villain might be, though I do have some theories. But I’m betting that Alice Eve is either nurse chapel or Dr. Elizabeth Dehner, and I’m leaning more towards the latter. Anyone’s thoughts would be appreciated.

  • Jag2112

    This is interesting… at the Apple Quicktime trailers page (See: they list two movies on the bottom of the page. 2009’s Star Trek and TWOK. Hmm…

  • I remember seeing some indoor Enterprise scenes in the trailer, and the inside looked toned down. It still looked sleek and cool, but it didn’t seem to go overboard like the last film. As for the exterior, there is no footage as of now where we can clearly see the Enterprise. Perhaps we will find out in next week’s trailer. I hope it looks something like this picture, although I’m guessing it’ll probably be reminiscent of the Star Trek XI Enterprise, but will look more militaristic.

  • I am of the opinion that Benedict Cumberbatch will be playing an original villain that has not appeared in canon before, but I just wanted to point out that Charlie X would have been born AFTER the timeline split. Nero’s incursion could have, in some unforeseen way, caused Charlie’s parents to have a son earlier, but I don’t think he is playing Charlie X, or Khan, or Gary Mitchell, or anyone else that we have seen onscreen before.