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New Star Trek Into Darkness Reveals

Posted by T'Bonz - 11/12/12 at 01:12 am

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Several new items have come out regarding characters and locations in Star Trek into Darkness.

Spoilers behind the cut

The new information is:

  • Alice Eve is playing Carol Marcus.
  • Klingons will have forehead ridges, but with ornamental piercings and facial hair.
  • Of fourteen Klingons in the film, only two speak and those two will remove their helmets.
  • Quo’nos will be seen/was seen in the trailer.

Source: Bleeding Coolvia

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  • Mike

    Hard to distrust Starfleet Officers… you know… as a Starfleet Officer.

  • Polaris01313-1

    Carol Marcus? Well, I had a hunch that Alice Eve would be playing either her or Elizabeth Dehner.