Two Trek Actors In Godmachine

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Star Trek: The Next Generation‘s Marina Sirtis will be taking part in a feature film adaptation of the sci-fi short film Godmachine.

In Godmachine, an android “channels the frequency of the Big Bang, bringing herself to life and threatening the balance of power between man and machine forever.”

Sirtis will play Irina, a madam and guardian of an android brothel.

Another Star Trek alumnus will be appearing in Godmachine, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine‘s J.G. Hertzler. He will portray a militia leader.

Godmachine will debut next autumn. Their webpage can be found here.

Source: Godmachine Film

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  • I had the fortune of recently meeting Marina Sirtis in perosn, she was very nice and polite and a total to pleasure speak with. I found out that she really does love chocolate like her character does on Star Trek. I mean who doesn’t like chocolate right? LoL