Takei In New Black Friday TV Commercial


“Black Friday” is next week, and the original series’ George Takei is in a new commercial for retailer Old Navy’s Black Friday sale.

“The fun is near!” claims the ad for Old Navy’s “Cheermageddon.” “The most epically friendly sale ever just got even more epic.”

“Watch George Takei go from Old Navy Mission Control Scientist to Cheermageddon Superstar in, ‘I Don’t Want to Miss a Deal.'”

The Old Navy sale will take place next Friday and Saturday. The new ad featuring Takei will air on television for the first time on November 18 during the American Music Awards.

Source: Old Navy




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  • Fomalhaut 451

    Oh, George. Just because you’re old AND gay doesn’t mean you have to shill for the end-of-the-road store.

  • milojthatch

    Man I hate Black Friday. After working on enough of them <i really feel it shows the worst man-kind has to offer.