Shatner To Visit Real USS Enterprise – Nevermind!


UPDATE: Regrettably, Shatner will not be attending as, according to his Twitter feed, ” a scheduling conflict happened.”

William Shatner will be present at the inactivation ceremony for the USS Enterprise this weekend.

On Saturday, the USS Enterprise (CVN-65) will be inactivated after being in service for over fifty years.

Launched on September 24 1960, the USS Enterprise was officially commissioned on November 25, 1961. In 1983, George Takei was on board for Enterprise’s return to Alameda, California, which was the Enterprise’s former home port.

According to Shatner’s representative, the actor “would give a short speech at the event,” which takes place Saturday at 1 PM at the Naval Station Norfolk.

For fans sad to see the end of the USS Enterprise, take heart. There is an online petition to name the next US Navy nuclear-powered aircraft carrier (CVN-80) the USS Enterprise.


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  • Maniaczs

    The new one needs to be CVN-65-A

  • Polaris01313-1

    Not a bad idea. I can dig that.

  • cardinal biggles

    It would seem that Shatner is no longer going to be in attendance.

  • John

    According to his twitter account, no he won’t be there. Scheduling conflict.

  • TBonz

    I just saw. **head-desk!*

  • Polaris01313-1

    That’s a good way to hurt yourself. Let alone inflict brain damage.

    Anyway, it’s not surprising that Shatner had to bow out due to scheduling conflicts. He has been quite active as of late.

    I’m amazed he hasn’t considered retirement.

  • Ducko

    Just checked and CVN-80 will be called the USS Enterpise, a Gerald Ford Class. Two A1B nuke power systems. No solar or wind and coal. And no stops at a gas station.