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Ortiz Retro Art Prints For November

Posted by T'Bonz - 15/11/12 at 12:11 pm

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The latest original series posters created by Juan Ortiz are now available for pre-order.

Four new posters feature artwork from the following episodes: The Man Trap, This Side of Paradise, What Are Little Girls Made Of?, and The Immunity Syndrome.

Ortiz spoke about creating the posters, and explained what went through his mind while working on the art. “I tried to picture what Kirk’s view was while he was having the salt sucked out of him,” he said, referring to The Man Trap poster.

In the This Side of Paradise poster, Spock’s hand was elongated. “The hand symbolically represents Spock,” said Ortiz, “having rejected love, reaching out from paradise for life aboard the Enterprise and his pursuit of logic.”

The prints are offered as a set and will sell for $34.95. US and Canadian fans can order the set here, while UK fans can order the sets at, and


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