No Star Wars For Abrams


Recently, J.J. Abrams‘ name came up on a list of potential directors for the new Star Wars sequel, but Abrams has removed himself from that list.

The names included Abrams, Jon Favreau (Iron Man) and Colin Trevorrow (Safety Not Guaranteed).

“Look, Star Wars is one of my favorite movies of all time,” said Abrams. “I frankly feel that – I almost feel that, in a weird way, the opportunity for whomever it is to direct that movie, it comes with the burden of being that kind of iconic movie and series.

“I was never a big Star Trek fan growing up, so for me, working on Star Trek didn’t have any of that, you know, almost fatal sacrilege, and so, I am looking forward more then anyone to the next iterations of Star Wars, but I believe I will be going as a paying moviegoer!”

Favreau, however, is interested in directing a Star Wars sequel. “I think both J.J. and I come from a generation of people who formed our whole creative persona around what we experienced as kids from watching those films, and I have had the good fortune of working with George [Lucas] and around George, and whether it is doing a voice on Clone Wars, or being at the Skywalker Ranch mixing Iron Man – so I have been very happy and lucky to just experience the culture that Lucas has created, both in my own life growing up as a kid and professional – whether it was interviewing him at film festivals on stage, he is just a really wonderful, talented gifted guy who has changed the business so much, so I am just giddy, first and foremost as a fan, to see what happens with it.

“I think there [are] a lot of question marks of how they are going to do it, and who they are going to do it with, and what the story is going to be about; but to say that I am not excited about it is definitely an understatement. We’ll see.”

Source: Hollywood Life

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  • trekfan

    He has to finish screwing up Star Trek first.

  • I cry foul! Why wouldn’t he ditch Trek for Star Wars? He has made it VERY clear where is true fandom lies. He may not end up doing it, but all I’m saying is don’t call him out just yet. Hollywood types thee days are know lairs to cover up things they can’t talk about yet.

  • Anonymous Coward

    ‘I was never a big Star Trek fan growing up,…’ Yeah, we can tell, JJ. We can tell.

  • Polaris01313-1

    Vic Mignogna, John Broughton, Michael Bednar, Dennis Bailey, and the rest of Farragut Films has already done that. Especially Sky Conway and the people behind Star Trek – Renegades.

    How about placing the blame where it truly lies? J.J. Abrams has not screwed up Star Trek. The aforementioned individuals above have.

  • Dennis Bailey

    I guess there aren’t many places left that you can post your resentments, eh Christopher? I mean, people just keep banning and blocking you. You ever look in the mirror and honestly ask why?

  • Polaris 01313-1

    The only time I ever look in the mirror is to shave and brush my teeth. But that is neither here nor there.

    Honestly, the only thing I have asked, Dennis, is why people like you and the others I’ve mentioned have a nasty habit of ruining something as cool as Star Trek by perverting it into a fetid and festering sewer, a pigmire, and a snobbish social club with such bad manners, rude behavior, flagrant disrespect for others, high school clique-like mentalities, petty vindictiveness, and other disgusting, distasteful, inept, fatous, inane, poisonous, and illogical qualities.

    Welcome to the 21st Century and the shambolic state of humanity.

    At the rate of progression that mankind is going, there is no way that Roddenberry’s vision of the 23rd Century will ever happen.

  • trekfan

    Polaris, you’ve just described Abrams’ vision of Star Trek.

  • Polaris01313-1

    I don’t know about that.

    What I described was the foolish emotions of those at Farragut Films(apparently, they have no comprehension of the English language, whatsoever)and their two useless spin-offs, Starship Farragut and Star Trek Continues, The latter show being Vic Mignogna’s personal vendetta and petty spitefulness against the hardworking professionals on Star Trek-New Voyages/Phase II.

    The aforementioned links provide such an accurate description of Farragut Films’ inexplicable, atypical, and illogical behavior.

    Dennis Bailey once described a certain Star Trek organization as a ‘gated community of the damned, with segregatiionist tendencies’.

    Given this independent film company’s actions, and those commited by their corrupt and unethical business partner, that snide description of his certainly fits Farragut Films like a raggedly-worn glove.

    What J.J. Abrams and his staff have done is the exact opposite of this negativity. They brought life back to Star Trek, when it had been wrung dry due to Rick Berman’s mishandling and mismanagement of the franchise.

  • nevilleross

    And you know this…how?

  • nevilleross

    Except, that he hasn’t done so.

  • trekfan

    If someone is mishandling the franchise, then it’s J.J. Abrams. Or, shall I say, Jar Jar Abrams? It’s extremely disrespectful to reduce the Roddenberry’s visionary Trek to to such a cheap, forgettable, mindless, average Hollywood piece of trash as Abrams did. It’s a real shame, and the day he came to work on Star Trek is the day of infamy. And, just as there’s this saying that the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was to make the world believe he wasn’t there, so, too, Abrams made the world believe he brought Star Trek to life, despite the opposite being true.

  • Typhon

    Did you read the article or are you an f’ing nimrod?

  • Polaris01313-1

    J.J. Abrams isn’t mishandling the franchise. If anything, helped bring life back to it.

    If anybody is reducing the Roddenberry vision of Star Trek to such lower levels, you need not look any further than Farragut Films. That’s where the real blame lies.

    It does NOT lie with Abrams and his staff.

  • nevilleross

    I did, unlike you.

  • BlueThunder

    And once again, audiences are given a glimpse of what is wrong with Star Trek fandom and the futility of feuding fan organizations.