Greenwood: Why Mum’s The Word


Star Trek‘s Bruce Greenwood explained why the actors are obliged to keep all details about Star Trek into Darkness under wraps.

The actor joked about it in a recent interview promoting his new film Flight. “I get to tell you absolutely anything,” he said when asked if he talk about Star Trek into Darkness. “J.J. in fact called me recently, and texted me too, and just said, ‘Listen, I want you to tell them. I’ll kill you after.'”

“[People] can ask all they want,” said Greenwood, “but they know it’s a mug game. They can ask all they want; I’m just going to look at them with a flat face.”

Greenwood explained why everyone associated with Star Trek into Darkness is trying to keep the details to themselves. “We respect the audience enough,” he said. “We’re not going to tell. We’re not going to spoil it for them.”

Of course, there is a more personal reason for keeping quiet. “…We all have enough of a sense of self-preservation not to throw our careers out, you know,” said Greenwood, “You would have to pay me so much … because I would be non grata in the industry. So you’d have to pay for my reputation. I don’t think I could come back to Hollywood with any amount of pay-off money.”

Source: TrekWeb

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  • jabohn

    So is he in the new movie then?

  • trekfan

    “We’re not going to spoil it for them.”

    How could you possibly not spoil it? It’s spoiled already by the fact that Abrams is doing it again.

  • Well yes he is. He’s listed among the credits on IMDB. As far as the ongoing hatred directed at JJ, I’m afraid that I just can’t muster it. I found Trek 2009 to be forgettable summer fun, but relatively harmless. It certainly wasn’t as odious as Trek 5 nor as meh (for me) as Trek 3.

  • Milo

    Trek V was amazing compared to this mess JJ has tried to pass of as “Star Trek.”

  • Milo

    Amen to that! The best news about Disney making new “Star Wars” films without George Lucas is that maybe JJ will bail on Trek to make the movies he actually wanted to. Hopefully someone with more respect to Trek will then step in. *crosses fingers*

  • Guest

    IMDB is user-edited and should not be taken seriously as a source.