Abrams: The Villain And Some Lucky Fans


In a recent video interview, J.J. Abrams gave an update on Star Trek Into Darkness and officially confirmed the villain.

“We’re just editing now,” said Abrams of Star Trek into Darkness, which will appear in theaters next May.

Although he didn’t want to go into details about the movie, saying that “it was too early to be talking specifically about the movie,” Abrams did speak briefly about Benedict Cumberbatch, calling him “mind-blowingly great.”

Abrams also confirmed that Cumberbatch was the villain.

Some fortunate fans won a Super 8 contest with the prize being a walk-on role in Star Trek into Darkness and Abrams spoke about the responsibility of being careful in offering such opportunities. “We ended up putting a couple of fans into the film in a background capacity,” he said. “When there’s a…when the studio approves this kind of thing, it is really fun because there are fans that would pay to be a part of a movie like that even in the background and when it benefits a good cause, it’s an obvious win for people who say ‘well I would pay good money to be part of a Star Trek movie.’ So it is one of the things you can’t do too much of because it becomes this slippery slope of when do you stop it. At a certain point you don’t want to be offering people walk-ons and then not giving them something that’s…where you don’t actually get seen, or having a shot of getting seen. But when it is for a good cause, it is a great thing.”

The video interview can be seen here.

Source: TrekWeb

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  • BlueThunder

    We’ll know the truth in six months.

  • I’m all for a good cause as long as the cause doesn’t defeat the point by doing more harm then good.

  • AirElephant

    Here’s hoping the film’s fun. I know Abrams’ take isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but he does try to make fun movies. And any Trek is better than none, to me, as it keeps the tiny flame of hope burning that a Trek series will once again return to TV in my lifetime.

  • JWPlatt

    I’d just like Engineering to not look like a brewery.

  • trekfan

    “We ended up putting a couple of fans into the film in a background capacity.”

    In that brewery called “engineering” or in the Apple store called “bridge”?

  • Tell me about it… that movie made be thirsty!

  • Mike

    The longer his version of Trek is in theatres making boatloads of cash, the chances of Trek on TV are actually slimmer, I think. Executives are notoriously sheepish when it comes to the intelligence of their audience. They couldn’t do TNG movies until TNG was done because it would’ve confused the audience. They couldn’t do the JLA 5 years ago because a different Batman would confuse the audience… etc… The inverse might be true, but less likely, I think.