Star Trek Hoodie


Another Star Trek-themed outfit is available for female fans, and this one will be useful in warding off the autumn chill.

Her Universe has now “made the logical” choice in offering the Spock Hoodie.

Made of cotton fleece, the fitted hoodie has long sleeves and pockets, but the interesting part of the jacket is the hood, which features pointed ears.

The Spock Hoodie sells for $60 and is available in sizes that run from small to 4XL. To order yours, head to the link located here.

Source: Her Universe

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  • SJStar

    How utterly ridiculous.

  • Matt

    Haha definitely a low point in this clothing model’s career. Guess in this economy, a job’s a job. Too bad they couldn’t give her a weird alien makeup to make her unrecognizable.

  • kathyt

    Is that Christina Applegate? Too funny if it is.

  • I’ll wait for the Ferengi design.

  • But the only people who wear hoodies are gang-bangers, and are, by their very nature, threatening. Geraldo said so.