Sir Patrick Stewart Donates Costume


Star Trek: The Next Generation‘s Sir Patrick Stewart has donated a costume worn in a play to help fundraising efforts for a Yorkshire Monastery in his hometown.

Born in Yorkshire, the actor has connections to the Community of the Resurrection monastery, having performed there as a boy it its open-air Quarry Theater.

The costume donated to the monastery auction is a dinner suit once worn by Stewart in a television production of Hamlet.

“Sir Patrick has always wanted to do something to help us,” said Appeal Administrator Adele Hannah. “He wanted to perform here again, but it’s hard to find time in his schedule.

“Donating the costume is his way of raising money for the community.”

The monastery is trying to raise funds to refurbish its nineteen-acre site. “We have been a feature of the Yorkshire landscape for more than 100 years,” said Father John Gribben. “A lot of people find the work that we do helpful.”

The auction, which will include other items as well as Stewart’s costume, will take place on Saturday, November 10, at the monastery, located on Stocks Bank Road in Mirfield.

Source: Yorkshire Evening Post




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  • AirElephant

    For the brief moment I was scanning the photos, but before I’d read the article, I’d thought that priest was holding Stewart’s Dixon Hill costume. Alas, but it’s one from one of Stewart’s still-worthy Hamlet performances. That said, the Dixon Hill costume, if he has it, would certainly have been a much more…lucrative donation 🙂

  • What a very nice thing to do, it would be such a pleasure to meet Sir Patrick Stewart in person someday. It’s just a thought I think he’d be really cool person to have a nice philosophical conversation with.