Langenkamp In Star Trek Into Darkness


Heather Langenkamp, best-known to fans for her role as Nancy Thompson in A  Nightmare on Elm Street, has a small role in next year’s Star Trek into Darkness.

During an interview regarding her new documentary, I Am Nancy, the actress admitted that she will be seen in the Star Trek sequel. “Well, I had the opportunity to play a small part in Star Trek, so I’m looking forward to that,” she said.

Langenkamp kept mum on just what her role in the movie was, as per usual in the world of Abrams Trek. “I can’t tell you anything about that, but that was a thrill for me,” she said.

Could a hint regarding Langenkamp’s role come from her husband’s work though? “My husband and I worked on the makeup effects for Star Trek,” she said. “He designed some of them, so that’s the thing we’re looking forward to most.

Source: Horrornews

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  • mythme

    Wow, she’s just as beautiful as she always was….even more so. I wonder if she’ll be another Orion.

  • ats

    I liked that Nancy is keeping the interest of Star Trek into the Darkness alive, but I ask you, J. J., to PLEASE give us “a fricken bone.” Give us an ad; it does not have to show us a lot about the movie. I went on IMDB today and saw an ad for Iron Man 3. That movie is coming out in the same month; the competition will be stiff, so c’mon Mr. Abrams, get us going with something, at least.

  • This was actually a pleasant surprise. She doesn’t do enough movies anymore. Very talented and good looking actres. Can’t wait to see what part she’ll be playing.

  • BlueThunder

    Star Trek certainly has attracted some big names for guest starring roles. And that is a cool thing!

  • Kevin

    I know someone that worked on the new Star Trek movie and he told me about 3 cameos. One is Chris Doohan, the son of Scotty! He was in the last one and has a bigger part in this one. The other two will remain a secret …for now. K

  • JCC

    Nice, maybe they should use a current pic of her because this one is at least 20 years old.