Google Honors Trek Anniversary


Forty-six years ago, Star Trek debuted on television, and today, Google is honoring the show with a special graphic doodle on their website.

The Star Trek Google doodle began at midnight EDT and will run through September 8.

Star Trek has inspired millions of people across the world for almost five decades, and we’re honored that the Google team is paying tribute to the iconic series in such a creative way,” said Liz Kalodner, EVP and General Manager of CBS Consumer Products.

The Trek doodle begins with a scene on the Bridge. Then the action moves to the transporter, where a familiar cuddly pest appears.

Kirk and a redshirt are then beamed down to a planet where Kirk takes on a familiar foe from Arena. The redshirt survives after a bit of abuse.

After September 8, the Trek doodle will be able to be accessed at Google’s gallery at

Source: Press Releasevia Google




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