Burton Joins AIDS Research Alliance


Star Trek: The Next Generation‘s LeVar Burton has joined the AIDS Research Alliance Board of Directors.

Burton will “play a key role in shaping AIDS Research Alliance’s programming and fundraising.”

“AIDS Research Alliance is honored to welcome Emmy Award-winning LeVar Burton to its Board of Directors,” said Carolyn Carlburg, CEO of ARA. “Since LeVar became our national spokesperson just over a year ago, his energy, knowledge and commitment have furthered the mission of this organization and cause. We are thrilled that his involvement will now grow.”

“As someone in show business, I was very much aware of the AIDS epidemic,” said Burton. “So when Carolyn Carlburg explained the work of AIDS Research Alliance and really broke down the ongoing need to shine a light on AIDS and AIDS research, as well as the unique position ARA has in the AIDS research community as an organization working on an HIV cure, I couldn’t say no to joining the Board. I realized there was such a need.”

The AIDS Research Alliance is a non-profit medical research organization “dedicated to finding a cure for AIDS. Since 1989, AIDS Research Alliance has conducted clinical trials leading to the approval of half of today’s HIV/AIDS treatments.”

Source: Melodika.net

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  • Patrick

    LeVar Burton–class act. I’ve always liked him and now I have even more of a reason.

  • Riker

    Aids is propagated by the pharma-medical-industry! People DO NOT DIE on “Aids” but on the chemotherapy! Take a little research and you’ll find MANY EVIDENCES of this! All the best for the people who have been killed or are just dying for the money and might greed of the elite people!!

  • Kang the Unbalanced

    You are wrong.
    1) If the chemotherapy killed and AIDS did not, then one would expect to find the lifespans of people with AIDS to be shorter with treatment and longer if it’s left untreated. However, five minutes research will show you the opposite is true. People who get treated for AIDS live longer, and people who don’t get treatment at all, die. Horribly, and in droves.
    2) AIDS deniers frequently seem to misunderstand this one simple fact: Being HIV-positive and having AIDS are NOT the same thing. Many people go years being HIV+ without developing symptoms of AIDS. AIDS is what happens when HIV stops being dormant and starts shutting down your entire immune system. In short: If you have HIV, it’s not a death sentence, even without treatment. However if it progresses and turns into full-blown AIDS, you WILL die without treatment.
    3) You mentioned taking a little research and finding many evidences. I did. The many evidences I foundeded show quite clearly that drug therapies for AIDS, particularly HAART (highly active antiretroviral therapy) greatly improve both the life expectancy and the quality of life of people with AIDS. I did not find any credible evidence to the contrary– just a lot of poorly-supported specious arguments that show at best ignorance, and at worst blatant misrepresentation.
    4) This is the part where, lacking any logical defense for your position, you resort to personal attacks and call me ignorant and/or a tool of the might greed phama-meda-wheata-vegemin of the elite people. Call me all the names you want; it will not change the fact that you are wrong.