Abrams Pilot Sold To Fox


J.J. Abrams has sold another pilot and this one is about robot cops.

Set in Los Angeles, the series will be produced by J.H. Wyman and executive produced by Wyman, Abrams and Bryan Burke.

The robot drama, set in Los Angeles, is a “futuristic buddy cop drama set in a world where police officers are partnered with highly evolved human-like androids.”

Although only the pilot has been picked up at this point in time, it is expected that a full series of the robot drama will be ordered.

Source: Sci Fi Pulse

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  • hukfin

    Great, more crap TV from big nose.

  • That made me laugh. Sounds like a silly idea to me too haha.

  • hostile_17

    Ha. As pitches go, that doesn’t sound the most compelling.

  • Kang the Unbalanced

    Future Cop/Cops and Robin.
    Holmes & Yo-Yo.
    Beyond Westworld.
    That was the last wave of “buddy cop-robot” shows– in the 70’s.
    This is not an idea whose time has come again; this is garbage that was rejected by audiences more than three decades ago.

  • Steam

    Total Recall 2070.

  • Paul

    Mac and Cheese

  • BlueThunder

    I really wish you people would lay the hell off of J.J. Abrams. You’re only showing your ignorance by making such assanine statements.