Stewart on Futurama


Sir Patrick Stewart has a guest role on the mid-season finale of Futurama tonight.

In the episode, 31st Century Fox, Stewart will be voicing the Huntmaster.

In 31st Century Fox, Bender will join the Huntmaster in a fox hunt, but when he discovers that the fox in question is a robotic one, he seeks to sabotage the next hunt, only to find himself the object of a new hunt.

31st Century Fox will air tonight at 10 PM on Comedy Central.


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  • Paul

    “Sorry this video is unavailable from your location.”

    I’d love to buy Futurama season 5 part 2 (you know, the episodes release in 2010), but they wont sell it in Europe until March 2013. And they wonder why people download the episodes.

  • Shikarnov

    I had a similar experience whereby I couldn’t buy Era’s music in the United States. Nation-by-nation licensing just doesn’t make much sense in the 21st century.

  • Doug

    What’s a “mid-season finale”?

  • Guest

    They are dividing the whole produced season into two halves, and the other half won’t air for a while after this—hence “mid-season finale.”