Wang Voices Vulcan County App


A new smartphone app for Vulcan County, Alberta, Canada features the voice of Star Trek: Voyager‘s Garrett Wang.

The new app will enable those using it to “take a science tour through the county, find a deal in the digital coupon book and enjoy a celebrity-narrated walking tour.”

“Created by Seekers Media, Edmonton, in conjunction with Vulcan Business Development Society (VBDS) and Vulcan Tourism, the app allows visitors to engage in the region, share their findings with social media networks and reference the digital guidebook.”

“We are thrilled to have Star Trek‘s Garrett Wang come in and do the voiceovers for the audio tour in this app; it’s a really cool feature that takes people for two separate walking tours of Vulcan,” said Catherine Pooley, Vulcan’s tourism coordinator. “Or get into the scavenger hunt and win yourself a prize; we’ve built lots of very cool features in the app to keep Vulcan in the space ages.”

The Vulcan app is now available for iPad, iPhone, Android and BlackBerry.

Source: The Vulcan Advocate

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  • Mr. Clam

    I guess they couldn’t afford Leonard Nimoy, Zachary Quinto, Tim Russ or Ben Cross. You’d think they’d get an actor who played an actual Vulcan to be the voice of the Vulcan County app. I guess they didn’t want to get TOO punny with this app.

  • Kang the Unbalanced

    Nah. More likely, someone in charge just really likes Wang.

  • Tony Todd’s Tears

    To his Credit, Garrett does a great Tim Russ impression

  • County? In Canada, we don’t use that term.

  • hostile_17

    Called Vulcan County and then referred to as the County thereafter.

    Perhaps you should ask them to update their website if you speak for Canada.

  • Nobody In Alberta, it is a rough synonym for rural municipality that’s been grandfathered in.

  • Ensignahkinum

    But, you also don’t know the term that they do use; your such a phony.

  • Ensignahkinum

    Well, I’m pretty glad that they did not choose you, your an ass to put down someone else’s work when all you have is opinions. (Why do they have Spock represent Vulcan’s on Star Trek, when he’s only a half-breed; maybe they should have fired him and brought in an actor that will play a full-Vulcan.) You make me sick!

  • VulcanRocks

    we do in Alberta. We have The County of Lethbridge, Vulcan County, the County of Taber and many more… It represents the land district

  • VulcanRocks

    I think this is great, I have been to the last 8 SpockDays in Vulcan and every year it gets better and better! I have looked at the Vulcan App and think that Garrett Wang did a great job guiding us around a great community!