Stewart Olympic Torch Relay


Star Trek: The Next Generation‘s Patrick Stewart carried the Olympic torch today.

Today it was Stewart’s turn to carry the torch and the actor did so, carrying it through a cheering crowd through Croydon.

“Never mind Jean-Luc Picard,” said Stewart, after his run. “I have attended world premieres of big movies that have not had the excitement and the sense of pleasure and pride that people are exhibiting today…It was thrilling. I shall never forget today!”

A better video, of Stewart finishing the run, may be seen here. The article is partway down the page and titled “Sir Patrick Stewart carries the Olympic flame.”

Source: The Guardianvia ITV News

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  • Guest

    “That was…absolutely…thrilling!”

  • Andy

    I live less than a mile from there.
    If only I had known…

  • Hms1701

    He trained by jogging half a mile each day. His section was 400 metres…and all up hill. He really did it well, barely out of breath during the interviews afterward. He has always maintained a good level of fitness At 72 he’s remarkable!