Roddenberry’s White Room: 02B3 To Debut At Comic-Con


Two Rod Roddenberry films will debut at San Diego Comic-con next month, with the news that White Room: 02B3 will be screened as well as the fan documentary Trek Nation.

White Room:02B3, starring Brecklin Meyer, Tamlyn Tomita, David Blue and Rachel True, is the “story of six strangers who wake up in a white room to find out they are part of a bizarre experiment that could help change the face of humanity forever.”

The debut of White Room: 02B3 at San Diego’s Birth North Park Theater on July 12 is already sold out, but those attending the San Diego Film Festival in late September will be able to see it there.

“San Diego Comic-Con weekend is the perfect setting for Roddenberry Entertainment to bring our newest films to fans in an exciting cinematic environment,” said White Room:02B3 executive producer and Roddenberry Entertainment COO Trevor Roth. “We’re eager to personally engage with our fans and introduce them to two films that approach science fiction and explore the human condition in such unique ways.”

“Beyond Comic-Con, the film will be showcased at San Diego Film Festival in September and will debut in its full 360-version in dome theaters across the country later this year. There will also be an app that enables fans to have the 360 dome experience from their own smart device.”

Source: Roddenberry Entertainment Press Release




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  • Guest

    I’ll pay money NOT to watch Breckin Meyer.

  • Kang the Unbalanced

    Well, it was a pretty good concept back when it was a Twilight Zone episode. Or three. And an outer limits episode. And a Harlan Ellison short story. And a New Outer Limits episode. And a Philip K. Dick short story. It should be good for one more trot around the barnyard.

  • Kang the Unbalanced

    Oh come now. You’d pay money to watch Breckin Meyer burned alive, wouldn’t you?

  • X

    Or a Next Generation episode…