Nimoy: No Love For Fringe


Star Trek‘s Leonard Nimoy reacted to the news that Fringe was shut out of this year’s Emmy nominations.

“No Emmy nomination for Fringe,” said Nimoy, via his Twitter feed. “Ridiculous. So much talent. So much hard work. So much imagination.”

Nimoy compared Hollywood’s lack of respect for Fringe to the lack of respect for Star Trek over the years. “Shouldn’t be so surprised about Fringe,” he said. “Emmy has given short shrift to Star Trek for forty-six years. Amazing.”

Source: Leonard Nimoy's Twitter Feed

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  • Cal

    When I saw the post’s title I thought it meant that Ninoy didn’t like Fringe.

  • It is ridiculous that sci-fi still has this stigma about it in Hollywood.

  • Cardinal Biggles

    Same here. The headline was a bit misleading.

    While it’s true that the Emmys (and the Oscars as well) have shown little love to sci-fi in terms of wins, Trek has been far from unrecognized. TOS was nominated for Outstanding Dramatic Series for its first two seasons, and Nimoy himself scored an Outstanding Supporting Actor nomination for all three seasons of TOS.

  • Wayne

    Headlines by their very nature, are designed to grab attention.
    They shouldn’t, however, be misleading. Perhaps if the media, including Trek Today, would just post and report news instead of trying to ‘spin it’ people would actually know what was happening. The sad fact is that quite a few people don’t read articles … they browse headlines.