EPIX Star Trek Celebration


Later this week, EPIX will offer Shatnerific: A Celebration of Star Trek Fandom on its channel and through its EPIX app on Xbox 360(R).

The star feature of the event, William Shatner‘s Get a Life! will debut on EPIX on July 28.

“Based on Shatner’s hugely popular book…[Get a Life!] examines the mystery, longevity and the cultural phenomena of Star Trek and its long-obsessed fans known as ‘Trekkers.'”

Shatnerific: A Celebration of Star Trek Fandom will take place July 28-29 and will also include The Captains, and all eleven Star Trek movies.

For those with an Xbox 360(R), a free preview of the EPIX app will enable them to see the documentaries and movies too. “A featured event on the Xbox LIVE dashboard, the Star Trek Celebration will make premium programming normally available only to Xbox LIVE Gold customers accessible to all Xbox LIVE subscribers,” said EPIX, in a press release.

“Xbox is a great partner for EPIX and we are thrilled to offer this unique experience to the massive fan base that the Star Trek franchise enjoys. Through this partnership we are able to reach an expanded audience that is using Xbox 360 and engage fans with our content to drive even greater awareness of our multiplatform offering,” said Mark Greenberg, EPIX CEO and President.

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  • jimzhang

    Anyone know the authentication of the cosplaysky star trek flight suit? Their website says that it is “Made according to 501st requirements.” Does anyone own one of these?

  • NewtH

    Watched “Get a Life” but can’t find ANY of the movies… what gives?