Bakula And Sirtis: Captains And Trek’s Impact


Scott Bakula and Marina Sirtis were at the Saturn Awards yesterday, and the two spoke about Star Trek.

The topics included meeting with all five of the Star Trek captains, and the impact that Star Trek has had on society.

Meeting the other captains, was “very cool,” for Bakula. “I hadn’t met Kate [Mulgrew] except to wave and say hi and chat a little bit,” he said. “I’ve gotten to know Bill [Shatner] and Patrick [Stewart] over the years, but it was a blast. It was surreal.”

Sirtis spoke about Star Trek‘s impact on society. “It’s like the franchise that will not die,” she said “We’ve tried to kill it on various occasions. One of the movies I’m thinking of, particularly. But it just goes on and on. I just think, when you hit on a winning formula, that’s what it is. I have people telling me that they became a psychologist or a counselor because of me. I’m just an actress! I show up with my lines learned. I show up and hit my mark and try not to bump into the furniture. It’s an honor.”

Both actors would love to be involved in the new Star Trek film franchise. “Of course,” said Bakula. “I love the new film! Are you kidding? They just have to ask. They have my number. I fax it regularly over to his [J.J. Abrams‘] office. Is that wrong? Is that pandering? In uniform. Maybe that’s too much.”

“I love the new films,” said Sirtis. “I thought the kids were fantastic! … Would I like to be in the new films? Yes! That would be fabulous!”


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  • Terry

    Funny how all I ever want to watch on TV is Star Trek The Next Generation, anything else is inmaterial to me,in otherwords, 95% of the time TV is just plain dull 95% of the time.

  • Ensignahkinum

    I remember being there Terry. I started watching TNG in 1991 after watching the Star Trek VI movie and thinking, hey, Star Trek is pretty good. I was surprised at first to find that the Star Trek people on tv, were not the same as in the Trek movie. But, I kept watching and my first episodes were Yesterday’s Enterprise and Best of Both Worlds. I was hooked. I continued to the end of TNG, then moved over to Deep Space Nine, when Worf moved there. That too turned out to be a fun show. I also moved watched Star Trek Voyager from beginning to end with my nephew, him being 9 when it started and then being 16 when it ended. Voyager is his favorite Star Trek and 7-of-9 of course. (Through all this, we rented the Original Kirk movies and old TOS shows, and each of them were funny and great and ethically motivating.) I loved the last year of Star Trek Enterprise and my favorites were Archer, Hoshi, and Trip. (My gem-episode from this series is “Fight or Flight” with Hoshi, my niece loves this one too :O)

  • DWilson

    Nice tribute there. I also think TNG is the best of all. Now, kids, I remember watching the original, one-and-only Star Trek on NBC. And thinking that it made everything else on tv then, when there were only the 3 big networks in the US, seem unimaginative. Only the film 2001 rivaled it. And when the show’s cancellation was threatened, I wrote to NBC in outrage. And felt a kinship with the other outraged fans. Thus were the first Trekkies born. I recommend getting a copy, perhaps on eBay, of The Making of Star Trek, by Stephen E. Whitfield, Ballantine, 1968.