Takei Too Popular Online


A post by Star Trek‘s George Takei recently attracted so many responses that the site ISP took down the page temporarily.

Takei posted a link on his Facebook page to the Allegiance Musical website, which was selling gay-pride “Takei T-shirts.”

The response by Takei’s fans was so overwhelming that the site ISP thought that a DDoS attack was happening, and they took down the site for several hours.

“For the nerds out there, I’m informed that the ISP hosting our merch site shut down the site temporarily, believing that the anomalous spike in traffic was an attack (e.g. denial of service attack), which triggered automatic shut-offs,” said Takei. “The situation is being remedied with countermeasures. Apparently, my fans here collectively can now resemble a coordinated world-wide web assault.”

All proceeds from sales of the gay-pride Takei T-shirts will go to the non-profit Old Globe Theater, which is presenting Allegiance this fall.

Source: The Registervia George Takei's Facebook Page




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  • @GeorgeTakei needs to do what @StephenFry does – he warns the person behind the site he’s going to link to before it happens & gives them a chance to take counter-measures. Whether those counter-measures will always be enough is a very different question….

  • Takei’s Massive Ego

    I win again, bitches.

  • SciFiCarolinaGuy

    The power of Nerds United. 😉