Orci: Characters Not In Star Trek 2


Star Trek 2 Co-writer Roberto Orci tells fans which characters (and one race) will not be seen in Star Trek 2.

Four specific original series characters and one race were mentioned by Orci as being absent from Star Trek 2.

The race that won’t be seen in Star Trek 2 will be the Borg.

Four characters from the original series have also been nixed: Janice Rand, Gary Mitchell, Charlie X and Ruk (What Are Little Girls Made Of?)

Fans may note that Khan has not been ruled out yet.

In addition, Orci said that there was a seventy-five percent chance that the official title of Star Trek 2 will contain the words “Star Trek” in the title, and also that he has had talks with CBS regarding the possibility of making a new animated Trek series.

Source: Ain't It Cool News

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  • JWPlatt

    Khan was not mentioned simply because they want the buzz to continue unabated. It’s good for marketing, even if it’s a lie by omission.

    It is worth noting the sorts of characters they might have considered including. That is, the bad guy might not have been the major character in any specific episode.

  • i hope they HURRY UP! with a new animated Series before its too late and sci-fi becomes unpopular again….

  • Rex_Hondo

    *keeps fingers crossed*
    C’mooooon, Balok!

  • Kang the Unbalanced

    Trek “writers” need to GET OFF THE BAD GUY FIXATION. Trek isn’t only about “who’s the villain”, but that’s how these knuckleheads approach it.
    That said;
    I would really, really like to be proven totally wrong and have a ton of glak-egg all over my face, and have there be antagonists, bad guys, what have you, but the real conflict in the film be something other than a villain. The whole “We’ve got to run/jump/shoot to stop him from xyz!” gets very, very old.

  • JWPlatt

    Kirk said in Errand of Mercy, ” I’m a soldier, not a diplomat.” So that’s the kind of mission to which he’ll be sent – military. Against the bad guys. But from a writer’s perspective, yes, it’s great when the actual plot is about the discovery or a journey of your own condition. The villain is simply a vehicle to get there. Just look a little deeper.

  • Ensignahkinum

    I think he meant that they are going to be doing the whales thing again, but this time they will be riding them. He hinted about 75% change, and considering Earth is about 75% water, and he did say that Star Trek might be in it….I think it’s a good chance that it will be an Aquaman-Kirk like movie, but with Whales as either the good-guys or the bad-guys.

  • Kang the Unbalanced

    Whales are all good guys except killer whales. Except the obligatory one killer whale who wants to buck the whole “black=evil” thing and helps the Aqualads escape, but secretly, because he doesn’t want to be ridiculed by his evil killer whale buddies.