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Lindelof Close To New TV Deal

Posted by T'Bonz - 04/06/12 at 10:06 am

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Star Trek 2‘s Damon Lindelof is said to be close to wrapping up a new deal with Warner Bros. TV.

If the three-year deal goes through, he would be joining J.J. Abrams at Warner Bros., as an in-house series creator.

“…At this point I still look at myself as a writer,” said Lindelof. “This (deal) is about me creating my next show. I think certainly film-wise, I’m spaced out; I think I’ve got the robot-spaceship future bug out of my system.”

So what would Lindelof bring to television? “I probably won’t be the guy who creates the next Mad Men or Breaking Bad, though I love both of these shows,” he said. “What I love about television is character-based storytelling, and I want to continue to explore fantastical way of doing it where characters live in a world that is a little skewed. I won’t be the one that would come up with the next Lost.”

Lindelof decided that he wanted to return to television about a year after Lost ended. “Movie life is nice and different, but l missed the energy and excitement of doing series television,” he said. “I’m ready to come back to TV full-time.”

Source: Deadline

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