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Two Star Trek fans show how to mix crafting and Star Trek to create unique artwork.

Mary Czerwinski and Brandi Clark have joined together and created a YouTube video that features a simple Star Trek-themed craft.

The craft is listed as an “Ensign Level Mission,” meaning that it is easy to do. In this first episode, which runs four-and-a-half minutes in length, the ladies are creating a Scrabble tile charm, which can be used as a necklace, a pin, or made into a magnet for the refrigerator.

Czerwinski and Clark will be seen at the Official Star Trek Convention to be held August 9-12 in Las Vegas, where they will host a workshop where fans can create their own Trek keepsake.

The crafting duo expect to post more Star Trek craft-making on their YouTube channel, doing so once-a-month.

Source: Glue Guns and Phasers Twitter Feedvia Glue Guns and Phasers




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