Galileo Shuttlecraft Prop Sold


The Galileo Shuttlecraft prop was sold at an auction which ended yesterday.

Bidding was stalled at $20,000 until the last ninety seconds of the auction, when three late bidders jumped into the action. “It was pretty dramatic,” said Auctioneer Brooks Ames.

The shuttlecraft prop sold for $70,150 and was purchased by a group called The Galileo Restoration, which plans to restore the prop, which has been stored in Ohio for the past twenty years and is in poor shape.

The restoration team consists of Alec Peters (founder of Propworx) and Adam Schneider. Schneider confirmed the purchase on TrekBBS , saying “We are very, very happy to have the opportunity to acquire and renovate Galileo.

“Let me assure you we have a straightforward goal: restore her and put her on display for the fans. Details to follow – when we have them. This will take a great deal of time and resources. But I’m confident we will be proud of the result.”

According to Peters, Doug Drexler “is on board as well.”

Source: CantonRep.comvia The Galileo Restoration

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  • Tb2

    Indeed Mr Drexler pledged his support – his comments on 8th June are linked here:

  • Keldar

    The geek inside of me is wondering if the prop could be retrofitted to use the real life ion plasma drive that NASA is using for space probes.

  • Kang the Unbalanced

    On Earth, under 1g, in atmosphere? That would be great for drying somebody’s hands or (slowly) popping a bag of Jiffy-Pop.