Trek Insignia Bracelets


A new line of Star Trek insignia bracelets has been released.

The bracelets, designed and created by Jennifer Bunt of Magic Dog Studios, are available from Vulcan Tourism of Vulcan, Alberta, Canada.

The Star Trek insignia part of the bracelet is made from one hundred percent recycled sterling silver, and the suede wristbands come in three colors to match the insignias; red, blue and gold.

“It was very exciting to create the Star Trek Insignia Bracelets,” said Bunt. “Having my work out there, representing Star Trek, a show that has become a global icon, a show that I remember watching as a child, has been an honor.”

The bracelets, which sell for $55 each, can be ordered here.


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  • Jimmy

    Not too expensive either… (sarcasm)

  • CZeke

    That’s a LOT to charge for a trinket on a rubber band, no matter what it’s made of. Doesn’t exactly scream Star Trek either; for this kind of money, wouldn’t you want something more characteristic? I bought my then-girlfriend a Bajoran earring once — now that was a genuinely neat Trek item, and it didn’t cost nearly this much.