Trek Fans Want Original Series Galileo


If a group of Star Trek fans has its way, a piece of Star Trek history will soon be in their possession.

The group in question is The Federation, formerly known as the International Federation of Trekkers.

The prop is the Galileo shuttlecraft, seen in original series episodes such as The Galileo Seven, and it will be auctioned off next month. The Federation President Russ Haslage would like to purchase the rather dilapidated former shuttlecraft and have it restored.

“Galileo is one of the few authentic parts of the original series,” said Haslage. “She’s a star of a few episodes and maybe even more importantly, she is part of Gene Roddenberry’s legacy. Galileo is almost fifty years old. She deserves to be saved after being neglected for so long.”

The selling price of the Galileo may go as high as $100,000, in spite of its condition. Haslage plans on having a group of fans pool together money to purchase the prop, with each receiving certificates of ownership. Fans in the group will be part of decisions made on what to do with the shuttle, if they win the auction.

Source: Airlock Alpha

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  • Good Luck and keep on Trekking! 😀


  • Zhenya Shikarnov

    So sad to see her in that state. 🙁 I hope the restoration goes well…

  • Ideas: 1. Put this on Kickstarter. 2. Contact the Museum of Science Fiction in Oregon. You’ll need someplace to exhibit the restored shuttle.

  • Rclayoviatt

    It does deserve to shine again.

  • Peekoofborg

    or the scifi museam in seattle

  • Rick Harrison, Pawn Star

    $100,000? *dry, hoarse laugh* Uh, NO! If this were three or four years ago, maybe, but the market for old shuttlecraft is REALLY soft right now. And look, this thing is in rough shape, I gotta get it restored before I can sell it. I’ll have to send this off to a customs shop I deal with; they can fix anything but they ain’t cheap. I’ll give you…. 500 bucks. Best I can do. Cold hard cash, right now, today. I can get Chum to take care of the paperwork. How about it? *stares expectantly*

  • Shes taken quite a battering over the years, hasn’t she? I guess the Galileos shields failed!