Trek Cast Visits Hooters


In what must surely be a fanboy’s dream, several Star Trek cast members made their appearance at a local Hooter’s in Northern California last night.

The actors were in town filming scenes for Star Trek 2 at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

“I am at a Hooters in Northern California watching a boxing game,” said Zachary Quinto on his Twitter feed. “I have never felt more at home.”

Simon Pegg also tweeted about the event, providing a picture of himself with Quinto. “Oh, it’s happening,” he said.

After the event, Quinto shared a photo of the actors en route to the evening’s entertainment. “Grandma @simonpegg drives us to SF while grandpa pine sits shotgun curmudgeonly,” he said.

Local fans were able to see the Star Trek 2 actors at Hooters. Livermore resident Ashley Schneider was able to have a picture taken with Benedict Cumberbatch, also in attendance. “I didn’t ask either Chris [Pine] nor Benedict about the movie, because I didn’t want them to give anything away,” she said.

The next morning, Pegg was still hanging with his fellow actors. “The morning after,” he said. “Eggs with Benedict.”

Source: Livermore Patch

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  • Ashley

    that’s me! 😀
    It was SUCH an honor to meet with Benedict and Chris, they’re so nice!!

  • Milojthatch

    And we should care about this…why?

  • PW


    No, Chris Pine can’t utter that line. Please no.

  • Guest

    A boxing game?

  • hostile_17

    Because it gives us a little flavour of what the actors do in their spare time while filming.

    There’s something called a “headline”. It’s a really helpful feature that allows you to judge an article content, then click on it should you want to know more.

    Top tip: unless you click every headline on every single site you visit – I suggest you not click on ones that are of no interest to you. Magic!

  • Blasastter

    Quinto in a Hooters? Come on, that guy only likes pole.

  • Cyke

    Gay, straight, or whatever, Hooters also has some pretty good wings.

  • AirElephant

    I love the fact that Pegg is such a fanboy himself. He’s just happy to geek out and hang with the other actors. I have a feeling that he’s a very personable guy, so it’s nice to see him having continued success.

  • joenasa

    The folks of our home town of Pleasanton, CA, were very honored to have the cast stay with us during their shooting at the Lawrence Livermore Laboratory. The actors were very friendly and approachable with the locals. More info found here: