Star Trek 2 Iceland Shoot


Some scenery for Star Trek 2 will be filmed in Iceland, according to

The filming crew, Star Trek‘s 2nd unit, which is headed up by ILM’s visual effects supervisor Roger Guyette, will be filming visual effects shots, not action scenes.

News on the Iceland shoot had appeared in Frettabladid, the local newspaper, which speculated that filming could be for the planet Vulcan. Vulcan, however, met its end in Star Trek XI.

This will be the first time that a Star Trek production has filmed outside of the U.S.


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  • Yes, Vulcan met it’s end in Trek XI. Just as Spock met his end in Trek II.

    There are always possibilities.

  • Aschmidt11

    or the new Vulcan colony

  • Or it could be the place Ceti Alpha IV lol… If the rumor is true who the villian is…