Retro Trek T-shirts To Debut In Oz

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Australian retailer Totally Irreverent will be offering a brand-new line of Star Trek-themed t-shirts.

The t-shirts, five in all, will be offered beginning tomorrow.

“Totally Irreverent has been online for about five months,” said Shiraj Sen, the company’s manager. “Being a Star Trek fan for the most part of my life, especially the Original Series and The Next Generation, it was a dream of mine to get Star Trek on Totally Irreverent. With the designs, we wanted to encompass almost every aspect of TOS, from the TV series through to the comics. We have a great in-house designer, Alicia Hart, and these are all her designs.”

The shirts designs include: khaki shield, group shot, Spock head, comic cover and Vulcan greeting.

Five more shirts will be added to the line of Star Trek-themed t-shirts by year end at the latest. Some of the shirts will feature The Next Generation art.

The shirts are cost $20 Australian each, and can be ordered here.


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  • As usual… we have a merchandise license holder talking about being fans of the show – and creating merchandise which has absolutely no connection to the source material other than name… When I see these shirts – I don’t think Star Trek… I think – CBS crassly whoring out the Star Trek name to make a buck… These designs convey none of what makes Star Trek great. They are merely car wash rags… Where is Gene Roddenberry and Richard Arnold when you need them… this kind of crap would have gotten a strongly worded memo way back when…