Pegg Denies Cumberbatch Role Rumors


While praising the work of Benedict Cumberbatch, cast as a villain in Star Trek 2, Simon Pegg denies recent rumors about Cumberbatch’s role in the movie.

Details of that rumor and possible spoilers will be behind the cut.

Rumors had it that Cumberbatch had been cast as a rebooted Khan. “It’s not Khan,” said Pegg. “That’s a myth. Everyone’s saying it is, but it’s not.

“…I think people just want to have a scoop,” said Pegg. “It annoys me – it’s beyond the point to just ferret around for spoilers all the time to try to be the first to break them.

It just spoils the film. It masquerades as interest in the movie but really it’s just nosiness and impatience. You just want to say, ‘Oh f— off! Wait for the film!'”

Source: The Telegraph

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  • LAgirl

    I know right!!! It will be so worth the wait too:)! The fact that everyone else wants to believe Benedict will be Kahn is just making it easier for J.J. to DEFINETLY make it someone else!

  • Polaris01313-1

    I kind of figured it was all a smokescreen. STill, it will be interesting to see who Benedict Cumberbatch plays in the film.

    At least we know now that he is not Khan.

  • Since we know that Cumberbatch plays someone with enough strength to at least give a Vulcan a run for his money – does this mean the long-ago rumor he may be playing God-Wannabee Gary Mitchell may end up being accurate?

  • Kang the Unbalanced

    It’s possible. It’s also possible that monkeys will fly out of my butt.

  • BarryMudd

    Got to be a Klingon.. Smooth version

  • Like my Kords?

    I think he’s playing Sherlock Holmes… Talk about typecast.

  • Kang – can’t tell if your comment was meant as a rip – but if it was – perhaps you didn’t realize that when the script was still being written – the writers had put out a shortlist of villians that they wanted some feedback on – and Gary Mitchell was on that shortlist… In any case – I think the monkees would stay as far away from your nasty ass as possible.

  • A Klingon wearing a Starfleet Uniform? A spy perhaps?

  • Seventhbeacon

    It’s doubtful it is Gary Mitchell. I say this because the IDW comic series set in the new Trek reality has already done a retelling of Where No Man Has Gone Before.

  • Seventhbeacon

    All I can say is, thank god he’s not Khan. I would rather have an original story than a rehash of Space Seed.

  • Guest

    The comic books tell WNMHGB in the NuVerse. Dr. Dehner isn’t on the Enterprise in this timeline. Kirk is on Delta Vega getting his ass kicked by the God-like Mitchell with no Dehner to save him. Spock — whom Kirk had left unconscious back at the station — arrives behind Mitchell and knocks him out with a neck pinch. When Mitchell starts to come around, Kirk finishes him off with the phaser rifle.

  • OIO

    Perhaps, or maybe he is Khan, and Pegg’s lying?