Fox Cancels Abrams Show


J.J. Abrams is batting one-for-two this week with the news that although his new show Revolution was picked up by NBC earlier this week, another show of his was axed by FOX.

Alcatraz was the story about inmates of the infamous prison who vanished in 1963 only to reappear in modern day San Francisco. The show was one of four canceled by FOX this week.

Low ratings did in Alcatraz, which launched with over ten million viewers in the age 18-49 demographics, but finished was less than half of that number.

Source: TVLine

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  • BlueThunder

    If any series is in dire need of cancellation, it is Starship Farragut and the upcoming Star Trek Continues. the latter being an unwanted clone, due to th events last month concerning the unauthroized release of Phase 2’s ‘Kitumba’, and other illegal and unethical issues. More

  • BlueThunder
  • Trekkie2

    I thought that was a pretty good show. It got a little gruesome at times, but it was entertaining. Let me guess. We’re in store for another stupid reality show, like we haven’t got enough. Soon, most of us won’t be watching TV at all!

  • Ireland

    Damn, I really liked this show! I’m not surprised it was cancelled but I am very disappointed 🙁

  • More likely they’ll put on another expensive, short-lived show which gets “a little gruesome at times”. Networks may do a little better if they weren’t relying on formulas which grossed out the paying punters every week

  • Bob

    What a surprise. Don’t bother watching a sci-fi show until it’s into season 3 at least.

  • 47

    I know it was too good…

  • hostile_17

    I wasn’t actually very impressed. I *love* the concept. But watched about 3.5 episodes, and found it uninvolving. Kept another 7 episodes on Tivo as a friend quite liked it, but with its cancellation I’ve just dumped them.

  • I feel the same exact way as Ireland. I’m not surprised at all, but I sure would like to know just exactly what was happening. Very frustrating!