First Look At Star Trek Kre-O Figures


Next year, Hasbro will be making Star Trek toys, and one of those toy lines will be the Lego-like KRE-O Star Trek figures.

The toy line will launch in support of the May 2013 release of Star Trek 2.

“Hasbro and Star Trek have always been known as innovative brands,” said Liz Kalodner, Executive Vice President and General Manager of CBS Consumer Products. “Bringing them together in this new toy line will give fans of the entire Star Trek franchise new ways to experience the final frontier, including the first complete construction program.”

Star Trek is the third KRE-O entertainment line, following a Transformers and a Battleship line of KRE-Os.

A larger-sized photo may be seen at the referring site.

Source: Collider

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  • Undead

    Are there people out there who actually WANT this crap?

  • Make a Star Trek Lego Game for Wii or PS3 already!!!!!

  • To this clueless Liz, BS spreader for CBS Corporate Crap… innovative? Not with garbage like this. If Gene Roddenberry were still alive – you are the type of Executive he would have screamed at on the phone, “You think you got me on my back and now you’re trying to get me to spread my legs… PHUK YOU!” *Click*

  • milojthatch

    KRE-O sucks. Let me know when Lego starts making Star Trek sets, and not the JJ-Trek kind.