Trek Cookies For Takei


In honor of his seventy-fifth birthday, a Toronto bakery made a baker’s dozen cookies for George Takei.

Takei was in Toronto to attend the annual Sakura Ball, where he received the Sakura Award.

The Sakura Award “recognizes individuals who have made exceptional contributions to the promotion and exchange of Japanese culture.”

The cookies, made by Wanda’s Pie in the Sky, featured Trek-related themes, and included two cookies with Takei’s “Oh my” catchphrase.

“A wonderful time was had, and the cookies were absurdly delicious,” said Takei.

Source: Yahoo News Network




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  • Startrekkin58

    Maybe I can’t count but there’s definitely 14 cookies there…. Great work though!

  • Ireland

    No offense but I don’t think you can count. There are 13 cookies a.k.a a baker’s dozen lol.