Saldana: I Want Children


Even though she is currently single, Star Trek XI‘s Zoë Saldana hasn’t given up on wanting to have children of her own.

The actress revealed that she spoke about the topic with her ex-fiancé while they were still together, but the timing was never right for the couple.

“For years he wasn’t ready,” said Saldana. “Then when he got ready, I didn’t have time. I never held anything off because I was waiting for something to kick in. I don’t think that far about tomorrow. I felt the urge to want to have a baby, and I wanted to, but I remember that respecting his decision — and making the decision to wait with him — was one of the most mature things.

“I chose to wait and I’m glad I did. I’m glad that I respected him.”

Saldana still hopes to have a family of her own one day. “[I want] two or three,” she said. “Or four or five! I don’t care. They’re just so delicious.”

Source: US Weekly

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  • Gus Fallon

    Oh my God, she’s a cannibal!

  • Jwplatt

    Yet another People Magazine article about Saldana. Do we care? Really? Didn’t T’Bonz get the hint from reaction to the last gossip column post here?

  • hostile_17

    She probably looked at the traffic stats, and realised you don’t not post something because of a few people moaning when it’s read by tens of thousands of people.
    Didn’t people like you realise not to waste time reading and commenting on an article you don’t like?

  • Undead

    I’ll be right over, Zoe.

  • Jwplatt

    Agreed – thanks what I’m thinking. T’Bonz post is for the money. I don’t want to encourage the corruption and prostitution of this site’s once benevolent roots by not complaining.

  • Creena

    Ms. Saldana, Don’ wait too long becaus– after 30 – 35–conception might be hard to achieve. Besides, it’s been proven this planet can support 90 billion people, yes, with a “b” at a reasonably comfortable level, but all this hysteria about how the planet can’t support more people has not been proven.

  • hostile_17

    Ha. Get off your high horse before you fall and break your neck.

  • hostile_17

    We’re doing VERY well with the 7bn we have. Except for the starving ones of course.

  • TBonz

    If I went by poster comments, no news would ever be published. Pretty much, anything posted will annoy/offend someone.

    I write news that I feel will be of interest to Star Trek fans. But I know that an article will not please every single fan. While that would be nice, it is not realistic. Some articles will interest a reader, others will not. Everyone has their own preference when it comes to news.

    For instance, I write articles about Saldana’s fashion endeavors and personally, I have zero interest in fashion, as anyone who knows me could tell you. But there are fans who enjoy fashion and reading about it.

    When I was a reader not posting news, I just read articles which interested me. I didn’t sweat the rest. I figured if others enjoyed them, cool for them.