New Trek Set Photos


Several new photos have emerged from the Star Trek 2 shoot.

In addition, a crew member has revealed that shooting will end in Los Angeles this week, and will resume next week further north.

The new set photos show red trees, that are supposedly being used for a “big storm scene taking place on a red planet.”

The last week of shooting on the film is said to be taking place next week in the San Francisco area.

In other Star Trek 2 news, Chris Pine spoke to the Los Angeles Times about working on the movie.

“J.J. is super-secretive,” he said. “The scripts are color-coded, and walking to and from set we have to wear coats and everything. It’s such a pain in the [butt], but I think about how awesome it is, because what he’s protecting is the magic of the unknown.”

Click on the thumbnails for full-sized photos.






Source: On Location Vacationsvia Entertainmentwise

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  • What is that stuff? It looks like red trees.

  • captain spock

    if you look closly at the top right picture it looks like a body in the trees of the photo, oh my i bet you good money that JJ will be very pissed off that more pictures leaked out from the trek2 set. well they are a week or so from compleating trek2.

  • Colin

    Dude, read the third sentence…

  • Colin

    Look closer. It’s two people with yellow towels over their heads. I thought it was a body in a gold command tunic at first too, but…

  • Keel131

    Not just two people. More like 8-10 people