New Star Trek Phase 2 Episode


A new episode of the fan-produced Star Trek series Star Trek Phase 2 has been released.

The episode, The Child, is based upon the Jon Povill script originally written for the Star Trek: Phase II project of the 1970s, which was abandoned when attention was instead turned to Star Trek: The Motion Picture. The story then became the inspiration for a Star Trek: The Next Generation episode of the same name.

In Star Trek Phase 2‘s The Child, an “alien force … impregnates a female crew member. However, this new life grows rapidly so that each day the new child grows the equivalent of one year. As Kirk and the crew debate how to respond, a plague strikes the Enterprise and the timing suggest[s] that the child is somehow connected to this disease.”




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  • The special effects are better than TNG’s!! Lol

  • Wardbaltimore

    the child is wearing the head band..before Scotty gives it to her! oops!!

  • Not bad at all….I can’t believe these aren’t professionals….very good!