German TNG Blu-ray Release Date


German fans waiting for the international release of the first season of Star Trek: The Next Generation in Blu-ray will be getting their DVDs a bit sooner than they thought.

Earlier, it was announced that the UK release would be on July 23, with the North American release to follow soon afterwards. The German release was originally thought to be on August 9th.

But word has come that the German release of Star Trek: The Next Generation Season One will be on July 26, just three days after the UK release.

No word yet on the price for the DVD set.

For German-speaking fans, a new Star Trek podcast (TrekCast),  will be shortly released and will discuss the forthcoming release. Other Star Trek-related podcasts may be found at the referring site.

Source: German Star Trek-Index (DSi)

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  • CoveTom

    Wait, this article seems to use Blu-ray and DVD interchangeably. Are these exclusively Blu-ray releases, or are they being released on DVD too?

  • hostile_17

    I think you know what the author means. Technically not DVD you are right… but many consider them to be high defition DVDs (even if that is technically incorrect). In fact even the competitor to the Blu-ray was called HD-DVD to muddy the waters on the exact terminology.