Trump To Takei: You’re Fired!


Star Trek‘s George Takei is the latest celebrity to get the ax on Donald Trump‘s The Celebrity Apprentice.

Takei’s assigned job on the show was project manager, and his task was to lead a group of men in decorating a window at Lord & Taylor for Ivanka Trump‘s new fashion line. Another team, consisting of women, also decorated a window at Lord & Taylor’s and their window was deemed the winner.

After being fired by Trump, Takei took full responsibility for his team’s loss. “That’s what a Project Manager does,” he said. “President Truman said ‘the buck stops here’ and I happened to be the man occupying the desk where the buck stopped!

“I did not live long and prosper there!”

Takei was sorry that his loss meant a loss for his chosen charity. “I only regret I couldn’t do more for the Japanese American National Museum,” he said.

Source: Style Goes Strongvia Digital Spy




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