New Trek Merchandise


New Star Trek-themed items are available for Trek fans; including magnets, a playset, buttons, and lanyards.

The magnetic playset, magnets, buttons and stickers are offered by Ata Boy, while the three lanyards are available from the Star Trek store.

The original series Magnetic Playset “lets fans re-create their favorite Star Trek scenes with [thirteen] themed magnetic pieces like the Gorn, Kirk, Spock, phasers, communicators and an interactive background. The set, selling for $9.99, can be ordered here.

Ata Boy has other Trek-themed offerings, including original series and The Next Generation magnets, original series and Starfleet buttons, and stickers. The various items can be seen here.

Another Trek-themed item is a Star Trek lanyard. There are three styles of the Trek lanyard; comic-inspired Yellow Retro, iconic Star Trek Blue and the classic Star Trek Logo. The lanyards are priced at $5.99 each.

Source: Ata Boyvia




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  • John

    can I get these things, anywhere? Although, I’d really like to get some stand ups.

  • Gastrof

    There was a time these would have been called “paper dolls”. Magnetic, sure, but close enough. Has it come to this?